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  • Professor and Program Head, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

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Paul Lampe is Full Member and Head of the Translational Research Program in the Public Health Sciences Division at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Research Professor at the University of Washington. His laboratory investigates the control of cell growth both at the cell biological/mechanistic level and through cancer biomarker discovery. The advent of new high data content methodologies has expanded his efforts into broad screens using high density antibody array technologies to discover proteomic, autoantibody and glycomic biomarkers and properties of cancer. The laboratory is funded by multiple grants from NIH some of which involve collaborations with epidemiologists (Christopher Li, Neli Ulrich), nutritionists (Johanna Lampe, Marian Neuhouser) and clinicians (McGarry Houghton, Sunil Hingorani, William Grady, Charles Drescher). Most of the “omic” work focuses on discovery and validation of early detection biomarkers of colon, lung, breast and pancreas cancer.

See the Paul Lampe Lab website for more information.

  • PhD (University of Minnesota)
  • BA (Carleton College)
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  • German
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  • Cancer
  • Pathobiology
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