• Adjunct Associate Professor, Global Health
  • Associate Professor, Pediatrics - General Pediatrics
  • Advisor, International Rescue Committee
  • Pediatric Advisor, WA State Office of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance

Seattle, WA
United States

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Dr. Pak-Gorstein is Associate Professor in the Depts of Pediatrics & Global Health (adjunct). She serves on the Steering Committee for the Academic Pediatrics Association's GH Special Interest Group, the Washington State Refugee Health Promotions Program, the New Arrivals Working Group of King County, & Pediatric Academic Societies Planning Committee for the Coalition of Centres in Global Child Health. She co-chairs the American Academy of Pediatric Telehealth Workgroup in Health Equities, and serves on the AAP Council on Immigrant Child/Family Health. Her scholarly interests in health equities focus on refugee child health, nutrition, & medical education.

She co-directs Resident Education & Advocacy in Child Health(REACH) program at Seattle Children’s Hospital which she co-founded in partnership with Univ of Nairobi (2009). She is course instructor for UW public-GH major core course. She attends at Harborview Pediatric Clinic serving immigrant/refugee children, supporting food security, housing stability, & child development. She has worked in program monitoring/evaluation, nutrition surveillance, & national surveys in Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Bangladesh, & India since 1998.

  • PhD (University of Michigan)
  • MD (Michigan State University)
  • MPH (University of Michigan)
  • BS (Smith College)
Country Affiliations 
  • French
  • Indonesian
  • Nepali
Health Topics 
  • Child and Adolescent Health (incl. Pediatrics)
  • Community-Based Participatory Research
  • Community-Based Primary Health Care
  • Digital Media
  • Distance Learning
  • Education and Training
  • Health Disparities
  • Health Interventions
  • Health Outcomes
  • Health Policy
  • Health Policy and Advocacy
  • Health Promotion
  • Homelessness
  • Immigrants and Refugees
  • Metrics and Evaluation
  • Nutrition
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Telemedicine

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