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Mobile WACh NEO: Communication Empowering Mothers and Newborns

We developed a human-computer hybrid communication system (Mobile WACh: Mobile Solutions for Women’s and Children’s Health) that engages mothers to increase demand for care, and improves outcomes for both mothers and infants. Mobile WACh NEO is an adaptation of this system focused on the period close to delivery when risk to mothers and infants is highest, bringing a virtual healthcare worker into homes to support preparation for labor, early postpartum and neonatal care, and family planning (FP). 

We will utilize the Saving Lives at Birth Validation Award to address the scalability and sustainability of Mobile WACh NEO with three targeted interwoven strategies: 
1.) Mobile WACh NEO Demonstration Project 
2.) Development of Mobile WACh NEO Business Model 
3.) Integration of Mobile WACh NEO platform within the Kenya Ministry of Health (MOH) MNCH and e/mHealth strategies 

Active Dates 
06/01/2019 to 03/31/2024