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CFAR: Implementation Science Core

Advances in HIV prevention and treatment interventions, together with unprecedented investments to bring these interventions to scale, presents an opportunity to prevent new infections, avert HIV-related morbidity and mortality, and dramatically alter the HIV/AIDS epidemic. However, the full potential of recent scientific advances in HIV treatment and prevention has yet to be realized, and efficacious interventions have not been adequately scaled into effective programs. Implementation science can improve the uptake and effectiveness of these programs, and impact health at the population level.

The Implementation Science Core provides resources to develop implementation science expertise within the CFAR community. We foster new interdisciplinary implementation science research and link UW’s research and public health activities to promote implementation science in real-world public health settings. The goal of the Implementation Science Core is to create new training opportunities for junior researchers, lead to new and innovative research, and ultimately improve the speed, efficiency, and quality of efforts to translate scientific evidence on HIV prevention and care into effective, large-scale health programs.