This year’s annual Husky 100 awards have recognized 5 students within the Department of Global Health for making the most of their time at the University of Washington. These students actively connect what happens inside and outside of the classroom and apply what they learn to make a difference on campus, in their communities and for the future.  

A huge congratulations to our student global health leaders!  



Lauren Marcell, MD: Doctor of Medicine, Global Health Pathway

Caring for survivors of trauma and violence has informed my commitment to redefining what healing-centered healthcare access can look like, as well as how we learn these skillsets within medical education. I have tremendously valued the opportunity to learn from patients themselves, while engaging with my peers at UW and nationally on how best to develop these critical tools throughout our training. 


Paytan Murray, B.A.: Law, Societies, and Justice, Global Health minor 

I aspire to become a lawyer that specializes in the intersection between international human rights and climate justice law, establishing protections for those who face intersectional discrimination or are socioeconomically disadvantaged. At the University of Washington, I am constantly drawing connections between my courses and hardships that I have personally overcome, utilizing my first-hand experiences through entrepreneurial means, seminars, and essays to promote educational equity for all.  



Andrea Jade Scallon, B.A.: International Studies, Global Health minor 

Through the lens of healthcare, UW has provided me with the language and knowledge, the research and advocacy skills, and the compassion and resilience to support people during their most difficult and vulnerable moments, my greatest life goal. As I pursue a career as a physician, I am grateful for my family—Canadian ranchers and Hong Kong immigrants—for instilling in me courage, care, and community which positioned me to navigate my Husky Experience with these same values.  


Kathy Hoang-Nguyen, B.S.: Neuroscience; B.A.: Biochemistry, Global Health minor  

I am the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants and the accumulation of the strength and resiliency of the communities I grew up alongside. I’ve learned to approach multi-faceted adversities and opportunities with tenacity: from conducting clinical research to coordinating international conferences. UW is where my passions for community-based and geriatric care took root, and where my passions for collective healing, advocacy, and community outreach continue to bloom. 


Nuria Alina Chandra

Nuria Alina Chandra, BS: Computer Science, Global Health minor

During my time at UW, my academic interests have wandered and shifted, eventually leading me to study computer science and global health. Beyond the classroom, I have done research in clinical medicine and computer science. I write science communication and social-justice related articles for The Daily, and I enjoy helping others on their UW journeys as an Undergraduate Research Leader and a Honors Peer Mentor