When did you join the program:

I joined Pathobiology in 2021. My permanent lab is the McGuire Lab at the Fred Hutch where we study protective antibody responses against viral infections to design effective vaccines.

Favorite part about grad school:

I really enjoy how collaborative and helpful students and faculty are at UW! Cool science with cool people.

Favorite grad school memory:

My favorite graduate school memory so far has been the Friendsgiving that my cohort had together last year. It really solidified my sense of community here in Seattle. (This is me openly guilt-tripping my cohort for a reunion because we utterly failed this Fall Quarter. Let’s meet this Winter :D).

Favorite grad school class:

My favorite class at UW has been PABIO550: Diseases and Issues in Global Health. I really enjoyed the lectures from those actively working in the public health sector and seeing how biological research is implemented to improve global health.

Best UW Resources:

The best resources at UW have been my peers. They’re such a wealth of knowledge, and they’re always willing to answer questions and offer advice. My faculty interactions have also been very open and helpful. Additionally, GSEE (The Office of Graduate Student Equity and Excellence) has been a valuable resource and community for me.

If you did not pursue science, what other careers would you do:

If I did not pursue a career in science, I think investigative journalism would have been really cool. My alternative and super unrealistic answer is a photographer for National Geographic.

Favorite Hobby:

I really like playing sports outside of work. I’m waiting for better weather to pick up my tennis racket and basketball again. I’m trying to get into climbing and hiking as well.