START Center Research Assistant, Provost Award

PhD in Implementation Science program

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I earned my B.S in Microbiology and MSc. from the University of Buea, Cameroon. Prior to starting my PhD at the University of Washington, I served as the monitoring and evaluation cluster lead for the TIDE program (Translating Data and Evidence into Impact) at the Center for Global Health Practice and Impact, providing care and treatment to people living with HIV and TB, through health care delivery initiatives in Cameroon, Haiti, Nigeria, Eswatini and Kenya. Working in resource limited settings solidified my interest in influencing policy changes that support implementation of evidence-based practices while advocating for sustainable solutions. I generally enjoy gaining new knowledge as I see it as part of adventure. 

Why did you decide to attend the UW for graduate school?

Through my work in HIV response programs, I have witnessed firsthand the urgent need for tailored interventions that consider the unique socio-cultural dynamics contributing to health inequalities, particularly settings still grappling with HIV-related morbidity and mortality. My interest therefore stems from a commitment that dismantles these barriers that prevent marginalized populations from assessing vital health services. While serving these hard-to reach communities, I was particularly drawn to the UW’s extensive collaborative networks and global health partnerships and the potential to engage with diverse communities both locally and internationally and contribute to impactful and community-driven interventions. I previously took some online courses offered by the UW and had many conversations with UW alumni as well as faculty, who gave me very alluring insights about the school, building my confidence further in choosing UW to build my competencies in research and its application in global health.

What are your research interests?

My research interests include HIV-related morbidity and mortality, health systems research, Implementation Science, and the development of innovative interventions to enhance equitable health care delivery. I am also interested in broadening my research to examine the comorbidities of HIV and substance use disorders, recognizing the heightened complexity in mitigating disease burden resulting from growing prevalence of mental health disorders.

What are you enjoying most about your graduate program?

My daily interactions with my classmates and faculty have been great and I have learned so much from our diversities and have gotten to understand the richness of perspectives and experiences that contribute to a vibrant learning environment. I have been able to foster my sense of community and enhance my overall educational experience. 

Did your award influence your decision to attend UW?

Not really, I felt valued by the Department of Global Health and UW at large by receiving the Provost Award.