A Department of Global Health Year in Review, 2022–2023

The Department of Global Health works to achieve sustainable, quality health worldwide through the focused mission of improving health for all through research, education, training, and service. Prerequisite to our success is our shared commitment to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion within DGH and pursuing antiracist and anticolonial actions in all of our work.

Hans Rosling Center

DGH Candidate Chair Talks

For the next few weeks, the University of Washington Schools of Public Health and Medicine are interviewing potential candidates for the position of Department Chair in the Department of Global Health. We are excited to welcome four candidates who are accomplished leaders with substantial experience living, working, and partnering with institutions in the Global South.

Building the Bridge & Keeping It Stable: Successes on Bridging the Research to Practice Gap

The buzzwords “Bridge the gap,” “Bridging research to practice,” and “Closing the know do gap” represent goals for our research we have not yet achieved. Public health and academic research continues to research health interventions that do not get implemented. However, as we have begun to include community partners, policy makers, and funding and implementing partners, we are starting to see progress on implementing well-researched interventions.

Department of Global Health Awards 25 Students with Travel Fellowships

The Department of Global Health awarded 25 international travel fellowships to support the projects and research of graduate students at UW for the next academic year. Students from varied disciplines across the University of Washington, including global health, epidemiology, nursing, health metric sciences, and environmental health sciences, will travel to 13 countries to engage with local communities and pursue fieldwork experience.

Celebrating our 2023 DGH Graduates

On Thursday, June 8, 2023, the UW Department of Global Health held its 16th annual graduation celebration since the department’s inception in 2007. This year we celebrated and honored the accomplishments of 64 graduates: 40 graduates in the Master of Public Health program and 24 doctoral students – which includes six from the Pathobiology PhD program and 18 from the Global Health Metrics and Implementation Science PhD program. 

What Does it Take to Truly Walk Our Talk on Decolonizing Global Health?: A Look at Key Obstacles and Plausible Solutions

On May 16, 2023, UW Department of Global Health welcomed Dr Madhukar Pai, MD, PhD, Canada Research Chair in Translational Epidemiology & Global Health and Associate Director of the McGill International TB Centre to partake in the Stephen Stewart Gloyd Endowed Lecture Series where he presented his talk titled "Can We Walk Our Talk on Decolonizing Global Health