First recorded case of monkeypox spreading from humans to pets


There’s been at least one report of a person with monkeypox who may have passed the virus to a dog. Now, University of Washington scientists want to know how big a threat this is for pets in the Puget Sound region.

Dr. Peter Rabinowitz, professor of global health and of environmental and occupational health sciences at the UW, is quoted.

3 Steps to Help Prevent Another Animal-to-Human Virus Pandemic (Seattle Times, co-written by Peter Rabinowitz)

By Peter Rabinowitz and Greg Gray

Governments and individuals are taking unprecedented, often very austere actions to control the ongoing spread of the pandemic coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). However, they are neglecting an extremely important question that could cause the loss of millions of more lives — how do we prevent the next zoonotic respiratory virus pandemic?

We have not yet identified the source of this virus. What if a new version emerges from the original animal source to cause a second wave of this pandemic?