Ramya Kumar on public health as a tool for social justice

UW School of Public Health

Like many students, Ph.D. candidate Ramya Kumar was drawn to the University of Washington School of Public Health’s (UW SPH) Department of Epidemiology for its reputation in HIV and mental health research and impact. However, Kumar found that what distinguished UW SPH from other schools was the culture: the desire students had to build an inclusive community of changemakers.  

Familiar ingredients make Afghan Food Guide easy to swallow

UW News

Diet recommendations can include unfamiliar foods and preparations.  A digital handbook created by Priyasha Maharjan, doctor of global health leadership and practice student, and fellow UW School of Public Health graduate student Norma Garfias Avila, hopes to begin solving this problem. The Afghan Food Guide is a nutritional resource created for the Afghan community and their health care providers in the U.S. It shows the nutritional values of foods, balanced meals and portion sizes while using dishes and cultural examples familiar to Afghan people.